Suppose we want to call our friends for some action, we will say
“चलो क्रिकेट खेलें”( chalo krikeT kheleM ), “चलो, सिनेमा देखें” ( chalo, sinemA dekheM), “आज गणित पढें क्या ?” ( Aj gaNit paDheM kyA ? ) etc.

These sentences are said in Marathi as follows:
चलो क्रिकेट खेलें ( chalo krikeT kheleM )
चला क्रिकेट खेळूया ( chalA krikeT kheLUyA )

चलो, सिनेमा देखें ( chalo, sinemA dekheM )
चला सिनेमा बघूया ( chalA sinemA baghUyA )

चलो घर जाते हैं ( chalo ghar jAte haiM )
चला घरी जाऊया ( chalA gharI jAUyA )

खाना खाते हैं ( khAnA khAte haiM )
जेवूया ( jevUyA )

Negative sentences are said as follows:

आज क्रिकेट नही खेलतें ( Aj nahI khelateM )
आज क्रिकेट नको खेळूया ( Aj krikeT nako kheLUyA )

सिनेमा नही देखतें( sinemA nahI dekhateM)
सिनेमा नको बघूया ( chalA sinemA nako baghUyA )

घर नही जाते ( ghar nahI jAte )
घरी नको जाऊया ( gharI nako jAUyA )

खाना नही खाते ( khAnA nahI khAte )
नको जेवूया ( nako jevUyA )

Questions can be asked in two ways in Marathi, as shown below:

क्रिकेट खेलें क्या ? ( chalo krikeT kheleM kyA )
1) क्रिकेट खेळूया का ? ( chalA krikeT kheLUyA )
2) क्रिकेट खेळायाचे का ? ( krikeT kheLAyAche kA )

सिनेमा देखें क्या ? ( chalo, sinemA dekheM kyA )
1) सिनेमा बघूया का ? ( chalA sinemA baghUyA )
2) सिनेमा बघायचा का ? ( sinemA baghAyachA kA )

घर जाते हैं क्या ?( chalo ghar jAte haiM kyA )
1) घरी जाऊया का ? ( chalA gharI jAUyA )
2) घरी जायचे का? ( gharI jAyache kA? )

आम खायें क्या ( Am khAyeM kyA )
1) आंबा खाऊया का? ( AMbA khAUyA kA? )
2) आंबा खायचा का? ( AMbA khAyachA kA? )

इमली खायें क्या ? ( imalI khAyeM kyA )
1) चिंच खाऊया का ? ( chiMch khAUyA kA )
2) चिंच खायची का ? ( chiMch khAyachI kA )

Grammar insight:

In Marathi such form is created by suffixing “ऊया” (UyA) to the verb. e.g. Verb is “खेळ”. Its form is “खेळूया” ( kheLUyA )Verb is “बोल”. Its form is बोलूया ( bolUyA )

The second form used in questions was created by the suffixing form of “आयचा” (AyachA) to the verb. Depending on the gender and multiplicity of noun required form is suffixed. Forms are आयचा-आयची-आयचे-आयचे-आयच्या-आयची ( AyachA-AyachI-Ayache-Ayache-AyachyA-AyachI ).
e.g. Verb is “खा”. For पुल्लिंग-एकवचन नाम “आंबा” we will say “आंबा खायचा” For स्त्रीलिंग-एकवचन नाम “चिंच ” we will say “चिंच खायची”

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