List of lessons to learn Marathi from English

Success stories of learning Marathi ... Testimonials
Welcome to world of Marathi
Marathi Alphabets Devanagari Alphabets
Vowels, Consonants in Marathi and their pronunciation
Marathi Barakahadi : Symbols for vowels with consonants
Pronunciation of Anusvar अनुस्वार
Combining consonants in Marathi मराठी जोडाक्षरे
Combining consonants with र(r)-मराठी जोडाक्षरे Part 2
Combining consonants with ह(h)-मराठी जोडाक्षरे Part 3
Special or separate symbols for combined consonants मराठी जोडाक्षरे- part 3
Pronouns and Articles in Marathi
Using plurals to indicate respect आदरार्थी बहुवचन (AdarArthI bahuvachan )
Verbs in Marathi
Simple Present Tense in Marathi
Simple Present Tense of "To Be" in Marathi
Present Continuous Tense in Marathi
Simple Future Tense in Marathi
Future Continuous Tense in Marathi
Simple Past Tense in Marathi - Part 1
Simple Past Tense in Marathi - Part 2
Simple Past Tense in Marathi - Part 3
Past Continuous Tense in Marathi
Present/Past/Future Perfect Tense in Marathi
Learn Prepositions in Marathi
Preposition "TO" in Marathi
Sentences with person or living things as object
Saying My/His/Her in Marathi
Basic questions and "WH" questions in Marathi
Negative Sentences - Present tense in Marathi
Negative Sentences - Past tense in Marathi
Negative Sentence - Future Tense in Marathi
Working with nouns - Gender & Plurals in Marathi
Working with nouns - Prepositions in Marathi
Cases in Marathi. विभक्ति Vibhakti and विभक्तिप्रत्यय vibhaktiprtatyay in Marathi
Commands / Imperative statements in Marathi
Time related words
Sentence using “Going to” phrase
Sentence using "Used to" phrase
Sentence using "If-Then"
Prepositions with Verbs
Adjectives in Marathi
Using verb "Can/To be able to"
Using verb To Want/To Need
Verb “To Become/To Happen”
Using “Should”
Using “Must”/“to be have to”
Using phrase “to keep doing”
Comparison and degrees of comparison
Using verb "To Know"
आ-ई-ए-ए-या-ई (A-I-e-e-yA-I) rule
Using "Let" and "Shall we"
Which-That / What-That sentences
Giving instructions formally
Using “To Like”
Sentences using "would" in Marathi
"To Understand" & "To come to know"
Add a question tag
Numbers in Marathi - Part 1
Numbers in Marathi - Part 2
Fractional numbers, sequence, percentage in Marathi
Relations in Marathi
Using verb "To remember" in Marathi
Using "To Want"/"To Need" with other verbs
Using phrase "supposed to" in Marathi
Using "To Like" with other verbs
Frequently used words. Miscellenious
Short forms in spoken Marathi
Greeting,Wishes,Blessings,Slogans in Marathi
List of Body parts in Marathi
Verbs indicating cause of action. Causative verb
Frequently used verbs in Marathi - Part 1
Frequently used verbs in Marathi - Part 2
Frequently used verbs in Marathi - Part 3
Frequently used verbs in Marathi - Part 4
लावणे(lAvaNe) - one verb, multiple meanings !!
लागणे(lAgaNe) - one verb, multiple meanings !!
Diwali Festival
List of Marathi Adjectives - Part 1
Calling or Addressing someone in Marathi
Exclamations in Marathi
Past/Present/Future Perfect Tense - Second Style
Requesting-someone-"May-I","Can-you" etc.
Showing uncertainty using May, Might
Adjectives made from verb
Using May to express wish
Past /Present/Future Perfect Continuous tense in Marathi
Exceptional Verbs in Marathi which change in past tense form
Phrase "To Make Someone do something"
Type Marathi in Roman Marathi transliteration
To emphasize word using-च(ch)-in Marathi
Generalizing words - somewhere somehow anything anybody etc.तरी(tarI) -ही(hI)
"To have" to indicate possession and relation
Using "To mean". How to ask meaning in Marathi
Conjunctions in Marathi - Part 1 And,But,Because,So,That,Although,Though,Still,Yet
Conjunctions in Marathi - Part 2 As,As well as,Or, Neither, Nor, If,in case, provided
Conjunctions in Marathi - Part 3 After, then,As far as, As long as,As if, As though
Conjunctions in Marathi Part-4 As Soon as, Once,Rather Than, Instead of,So that,Whereas,Whether or not,also
List of Conjunctions in Marathi
Active Passive voice in Marathi
Using "To Feel" & "To think"
Adverbs in Marathi - Part 1
List of adverbs in Marathi
List of vegetable names in Marathi
List of names of fruits in Marathi
List of names of birds in Marathi
List of names of insects in Marathi
List of name of cololurs in Marathi
List of names of flowers in Marathi
List of names of animals in Marathi
Frequently used or common words in Marathi - Miscellaneous
Abuse Cursing Swear-words in Marathi
Compound verbs / Phrases in Marathi
Tips to Learn Marathi (rather any new language)
Simple Sentences in Marathi - Introduction/Salutation
Simple Marathi Sentences - Time Related
Simple Marathi Sentences - Where/Place Related
Simple Marathi Sentences - In Hotel
Simple Marathi sentences - Weather related
Marathi conversation-with traffic police
Simple Marathi conversation - Rickshaw/Taxi driver
Simple Marathi Conversation - Software Engineers
Simple Marathi conversation - Grocery shop
Simple Marathi Conversation - Doctor-Patient
Simple Marathi Conversation - Teacher & Students
Simple Marathi Conversation - Informal phone conversation.
Simple Marathi conversation-Vegetable Market
Simple Marathi Conversation-at-bus stop and in bus
Asking address in Marathi
I Love you In Marathi. Proposing someone in Marathi
Simple Marathi Conversation - Interview in Marathi
Simple Marathi conversation - with housemaid
Frequently used sentences in Marathi - miscellaneous
Frequently used sentences in Marathi - miscellaneous part 2
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