नाही(nAhI) and नको (nako) are two words used in Marathi in negative sentences. In English, equivalent to both of this is  “No”/”Not”. It confuses learner which is used when. But careful observation of previous grammar lessons will show that नको (nako) is used only in peculiar cases and in all remaining sentences it is नाही(nAhI)

नको is used in negative forms of imperative sentences i.e. requests, suggestions, advice, or commands. Sentences with नको (nako) :

Commands / Imperative statements in Marathi

Using verb To Want/To Need

Using “Let” and “Shall we”

Sentences with नाही(nAhI):

Negative Sentences – Present tense in Marathi

Negative Sentences – Past tense in Marathi
Negative Sentence – Future Tense in Marathi

Using “To Like” with other verbs

etc. and all other negative sentences