ew learners face problem in knowing gender of Marathi words. They face problem in creating plural of Marathi word. And they also face problem in creating form of word while applying propositions etc.
This is an attempt to list frequently used Marathi words along with their plural, gender and form.
So do enjoy this Marathi dictionary from the writer of Learn Marathi from English/Hindi blog ( http://kaushiklele-learnmarathi.blogspot.in/ 
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Note :-
Excel sheet is not complete yet. I will keep adding more and more nouns. So please check this link frequently to see newly added nouns. 

Words are divided into different categories based on plural formation.
For each category few examples of plural and सामान्यरूप (Form of noun for preposition )  is given.  By studying these examples you can create details for remaining words of that category.
M-a -> Masculine ending with अ(a). 
M-aa -> Masculine ending with आ(A).
M-I1   -> Masculine ending with ई(a). Style 1
M-I2   -> Masculine ending with ई(a).Style 2
M-saa ->  Masculine ending with सा(sA). 
M-U1->  Masculine ending with ऊ(U). Style 1
M-U2->  Masculine ending with ऊ(U). Style 2
F-a1  -> Feminine ending with अ(a). Style 1
F-a2  -> Feminine ending with अ(a). Style 2
F-aa -> Feminine ending with आ(A).
F-I1   -> Feminine ending with ई(a).  Style 1
F-I2   -> Feminine ending with ई(a).  Style 2
F-U1->  Feminine  ending with ऊ(U). Style 1
F-U2->  Feminine  ending with ऊ(U). Style 2
N-a -> Neuter ending with अ(a).
N-e -> Neuter ending with ए(e). 
N-I   -> Neuter ending with ई(a). 
N-U   -> Neuter ending with ऊ(U)

Note about English word in Marathi :- 

There are many English words very frequently used in Marathi. Interestingly even English words are given genders in Marathi. But they are not changed when used in Marathi sentences. i.e. generally plural, सामान्यरूप (Form of noun for preposition ) for singular and plural is same.
So I have classified as follows :-
M-ENG -> English word. Used as it is. But classified as Masculine
F-ENG -> English word. Used as it is. But classified as Feminine
N-ENG -> English word. Used as it is. But classified as Neuter

Very few English words which are used as-good-as an Marathi word are mentioned in respective category of Marathi words. And their plural and सामान्यरूप (Form of noun for preposition )  is created as per Marathi word.

But such words are very few.
So a new learner can use English word by considering its gender and using word as it is for plural and form.

Summary :-