In English future tense sentence can be formed using “going to” phrase.

 “He will come?” can also be said as “He is going to come”


In Marathi this sentence is formed as

Subject           verb+णार   form of असणे(asaNe)in present tense

तो                    येणार           आहे


Question will be formed as

Subject           verb+णार   form of असणे(asaNe)in present tense  का ?

तो                    येणार           आहे                          का ?


Examples :-



They are going to come

ते येणार आहेत (te yeNAr Ahet


I am going to speak

मी बोलणार आहे (mI bolaNAr Ahe )

She is going to open door

ती दार उघडणार आहे  (tI dAr ughaDaNAr Ahe )

You are going to dance

तू नाचणार आहेस  (tU nAchaNAr Ahes kA)

Are they going to come

ते येणार आहेत का (te yeNAr Ahet kA )


Am I going to speak

मी बोलणार आहे का (mI bolaNAr Ahe kA)

Is she going to open door

ती दार उघडणार आहे का  (tI dAr ughaDaNAr Ahe kA )

Are you going to dance

तू नाचणार आहेस का  (tU nAchaNAr Ahes kA )


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