To indicate the continuity of action we use “To keep doing” form of sentence.

e.g I keep trying evein if I fail.

He kept speaking until all slept.

Do not stop, keep doing


In Marathi sentence formation is “-


Doer of action         

verb+  (t)              

form of “राहणे” (rAhaNe) as per subject and tense





Like few exceptions the verb राह” changes to “राहि before creating its simple past tense.


Below example will clarify concept :-

I keep speaking  :- मी बोलत राहतो (mI bolat rAhato )

I kept speaking   :- मी बोलत राहिलो (mI bolat rAhilo)

I will keep speaking  :- मी बोलत राहीन  (mI bolat rAhIn)


You keep speaking  :- तू बोलत राहतोस  (tU bolat rAhatos )

You kept speaking   :- तू बोलत राहिलास   (tU bolat rAhilAs )

You will keep speaking  :- तू बोलत राहशील  (tU bolat rAhashIl 

Keep speaking !!     (Imperative statement)      :-  बोलत राहा  (bolat rAhA)

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