Verb “To Become” in Marathi is   “होणे “ (hoNe )

Verb “To Happen” in Marathi is “घडणे” ( ghaDaNe )


But in normally Marathi for “To Happen” also we use verb “होणे “ (hoNe )


The verb होणे “ (hoNe ) follows the same rule we had seen before for all the tenses.

We have seen that few verbs are changed before they are used in simple past tense e.g.

बघ – बघित

सांग – सांगित

Same way होणे changes to झा ( jhA )


Verb in English

Verb in Marathi

Forms in simple past tense

as per normal rule.

But DO NOT USE these forms

Changed verb

Forms in simple past tense as per rule.

But USE these forms




होला / होली /होले 



झाला / झाली / झाले







Examples :-

What happened ?           :- काय झाले ?  (kAy jhAle ? )

What will happen ?       :-  काय होईल  (kAy hoIl ? )

What is happening ?      :- काय होत आहे ?  (kAy hot Ahe ?)

It did not happen           :-  हे झाले नाही  (he jhAle nAhI )

I will become winner    :-  मी विजेता होईन (mI vijetA hoIn)

It was happening          :-    ते होत होते (te hot hote )

He will become mad    :- तो वेडा होईल  (to veDA hoIl )

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Exercise: Try creating sentences with different verbs using above rules. Crosscheck them by creating same by “verb forms” feature on