Hello friends, welcome to my website “Learn Marathi through English-Hindi”.

Here I am trying to introduce you the fundamentals of Marathi through English. But at some places I have taken help of examples from Hindi.

Hindi and Marathi both follow same script i.e. Devanagari. Pronunciation of letters is same. So those who can read-write Hindi, for them reading Marathi is easy. They will save their time learning pronunciation.

So if you know Hindi, this journey to learn Marathi will be comparatively easy.

But those who do not know Hindi need not feel upset, but they just need to put little more effort learning script and pronunciation.

My own experience says that reading the language from its own script helps a lot. So learn Devanagari script first. So learning Marathi will be easier if you read it directly from Devanagari instead of Romanized.

For most of the examples transliteration is given in Roman script is as well. This is for convenience of search-ability on internet.

Conventions for writing Marathi/Hindi in Roman is given here




While learning language, the student is very excited and he want to speak the full sentences as early as possible. He wants to be able to communicate from day 1. Obviously it will not be possible, because you have just used few words !! you can not communicate everything from these few words. Realization of this fact de-motivates the student.  So many language learning programs shower the student with list of full sentences. This looks good first, but it does not teach how to prepare sentence. So thou you know 100 sentences, you are helpless to create 101st sentence yourself.

Here comes the necessity of learning grammar.

Students think that learning grammar is very tedious. And try to run away from it. Spoon feeding i.e. list of pre-created sentences will just keep u handicapped. So learn grammar, stand on your own feet and enjoy the journey.

So I have decided to keep fine balance between “ready made sentences” and grammar. So by speaking ready-made-full sentences you can keep alive you excitement. And by grammar you will nurture your foundation.

You can master the pronunciation of Marathi by watching around 150 audio-video clips at my YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel name :- Learn Marathi with Kaushik Lele


So friends let us start the journey. Welcome to the world of Marathi. The language having history of around 1000 years, rich with its literature, philosophy, widespread influence in society.

Welcome !!!