लावणे(lavaNe) is very commonly used and powerful verb in Marathi.

This single verb is used to indicate different actions based on different contexts.
So knowing this verb is good for Marathi learners, so that they can remember this single verb instead of multiple verbs.
And more importantly, while listening to others, new learners should understand what is expected the meaning of लावणे (lavaNe) in that context.

To turn on (some gadgets)

To turn on the lamp: – दिवा लावणे (divA lAvaNe)
To turn on the TV:- टी.व्ही. लावणे (TI vhI lAvaNe)

A bolt of the door:- कडी (kaDI)
To bolt the door:- कडी लावणे (kaDI lAvaNe)

To touch by hand:- हात लावणे (hAt lAvaNe)
To touch by foot:- पाय लावणे ( pAy lAvaNe )

To park car:- गाडी लावणे (gADI lAvaNe)
To reproach/ To blame:- बोल लावणे (bol lAvaNe )
To call on phone:- फोन लावणे (phon lAvaNe )
To take time:- वेळ लावणे (veL lAvaNe)
To fix price:- भाव लावणे (have lAvaNe)
To wear sunglass:- चष्मा लावणे (chaShmA lAvaNe )
To cook rice:- भात लावणे ( bhAt lAvaNe )

To sow
To sow rice:- भात लावणे ( bhAt lAvaNe )
To sow wheat:- गहू लावणे (gahU lAvaNe)

To fix tune of the song: – चाल लावणे (chAl lAvaNe)
To color:- रंग लावणे (raMg lAvaNe)
To destroy:- वाट लावणे (vAT lAvaNe)
To plant a tree:- झाड लावणे (jhAD lAvaNe)

To apply (beauty products etc.)
To apply face powder:- पावडर लावणे (pAvaDar lAvaNe )
To apply oil:- तेल लावणे (tel lAvaNe)

There are many more uses. You will understand it when you will read more and more in Marathi.

In English, we use the “To make” phrase to indicate that some action was forced on others.
The mother made the child drink milk.
Police make thief speak the truth.

In this type of sentences in Marathi, we use लावणे (lAvaNe)
The verb is formed as:
Main verb + आयला(AyalA) लावणे (lAvaNe)

Speak:- बोल(bol)
To make one speak:- बोलायला लावणे (bolAyalA lAvaNe)

Laugh:- हस (has)
To make one laugh:- हसायला लावणे (hasAyalA lAvaNe)

Drink :- पी (pI)
To make one drink:- प्यायला लावणे (pyAyalA lAvaNe)

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