Adjectives in Marathi behave the same way as in Hindi. i.e. form of adjective word change as per gender and multiplicity of the noun.

e.g. In Hindi, we say काला घोडा ( kAlA ghoDA), काली घोडी ( kAlI ghoDI ), काले घोडे(kAle ghoDe)
We used form काला for पुल्लिंग-एकवचन, काली for स्त्रीलिंग-एकवचन and काले for पुल्लिंग-बहुवचन

Consider other adjective सफेद(saphed). We will say सफेद घोडा ( saphed ghoDA), सफेद घोडी ( saphed ghoDI ), सफेद घोडे(saphed ghoDe)

Here we used “सफेद” for all genders and multiplicity.

So the change of form is only applicable to adjective ending with आ(A).

This is exactly same in Marathi. 

Rule 1:

Generally those masculine adjective which ends with vowel आ(A) change as per gender and multiplicity.
Form of the verb is created as per आ-ई-ए-ए-या-ई (A-I-e-e-yA-I) rule

Rule 2:

Other adjectives generally remain the same in all genders.

Few examples of adjectives are given below. You will learn more adjectives as you will read Marathi more and more

Adjective in Hindimasculine singluarfeminine singularneuter singularmasculine pluralfeminine pluralneuter plural
अच्छा achChA चांगला(chAMgalA)चांगली(chAMgalI)चांगले(chAMgale)चांगले(chAMgale)चांगल्या(chAMgalyA)चांगलीchAMgalI
बडा baDAमोठा(moThA)मोठी(moThI)मोठे ( moThe )मोठे( moThe )मोठ्या (moThyA )मोठी(moThI)
मोटा moTAजाडा (jADA)जाडी (jADI)जाडे (jADe)जाडे (jADe)जाड्या ( jADyA)जाडी(jADI)
लम्बा lambA
लांब (lAMb)
चौडा chauDAरुंद (ruMd)

Rule 3:

Rule 3) Like in Hindi when adjective ending with vowel आ(A) is used along with preposition, its form changes the same as their corresponding noun. i.e. there is सामान्य रूप (sAmAnya rUp) of adjectives in Marathi for adjective ending with vowel आ(A).
सामान्य रूप (sAmAnya rUp) created by appending या (yA). See below example to understand it clearly.

अच्छा घोडा (achChA ghoDA) -> चांगला घोडा (chAMgalA ghoDA )
अच्छे घोडे के लिये (achChe ghoDe ke liye) –> चांगल्या घोड्या साठी (chAMgalyA ghoDyA sAThI )

In Hindi अच्छा is changed to अच्छे similarly; “चांगला” is changed to “चांगल्या” same as “घोडा” is changed to “घोड्या”.

In Hindi for the feminine adjective, a different form is not used. But in Marathi, it is used.

अच्छी कुर्सी ( achChI kursI ) -> चांगली खुर्ची ( chAMgalI khurchI )
अच्छी कुर्सी के लिये (achChI kursI ke liye) -> चांगल्या खुर्ची साठी ( chAMgalyA khurchIsAThI )

आसान परीक्षा (AsAn parIkShA )-> सोपी परीक्षा (sopI parIkShA )
आसान परीक्षा के बाद ( AsAn parIkShA ke bAd ) -> सोप्या परीक्षेनंतर ( sopyA parIkShenaMtar )

Rule 4:

Like in Hindi, Other adjectives i.e. not ending with आ(A), generally remain same even when used with preposition

लाल घोडा (lAl ghoDA) :- लाल घोडा (lAl ghoDA )
लाल घोडे के लिये (lAl ghoDe ke liye) :- लाल घोड्यासाठी ( lAl ghoDyAsAThI )

Here “घोडा” changed to “घोड्या” but adjective “लाल” remained unchanged.

सुंदर चित्र (suMdar chitr ) -> सुंदर चित्र (suMdar chitr )
सुंदर चित्र के बारेमें (suMdar chitr ke bAremeM ) -> सुंदर चित्राबद्दल ( suMdar chitrAbaddal)

Rule 5:

Listen examples in this lesson