Basic questions

Consider sentences :-
Do you go ?
Did he go ?
Will she speak ?
Was he dancing

These are all basic questions in English. In Gujarati basic questions can be formed by adding શું (shuM).
i.e. by saying શું (shuM) before an statement; it will be converted to question. And we say it in a question tone.

He goes -> Does he go ?
એ જાયે છે (e jAye Che) -> શું એ જાયે છે ? (shuM e jAye Che)

She went -> did she go ?
તે ગઈ (te gaI) -> શું તે ગઈ ? (shuM te gaI)

They will go -> will they go ?
તેઓ જશે (teo jashe ) -> શું તેઓ જશે ? (shuM teo jashe )

Such questions can also be asked buy using same sentence but just changing tone. In English as well we do it some times.
e.g You are coming -> You coming ??
તું આવીશ (tuM AvIsh) -> તું આવીશ ? (tuM AvIsh)

You told him secret –> You told him secret ?
તેં એને રહસ્ય કહ્યું (teM ene rahasy kahyuM) -> તેં એને રહસ્ય કહ્યું ? (teM ene rahasy kahyuM)

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Asking questions in Gujarati