We have learnt prepositions in this lesson

We have learn WH-words in this lesson.

Let’s see how preposition can be used along with WH-question words.
e.g. “With whom” , “For whom”,”By when”,”From where” etc. Here we used “with”,”for”,”by” to WH-question words “who”,”when”.

1) Prepositions with “Who”
“Who” is English is કોણ(koN) in Gujarati
Like pronouns, when prepositions are used with કોણ(koN) its form changes.

Word in EnglishPronoun in GujaratiFor prepositions
For prepositions
For prepositions
ને (ne)
(koN )
કોની (konI )કોના (konA )કોને (kone )

With whom -> કોની સાથે ? (konI sAthe )
For whom ? -> કોને માટે ? (kone mATe )
Because of whom ? -> કોને કારણે (kone kAraNe )
Instead of whom -> કોને બદલે (kone badale )

2) Prepositions with “When”
“When” in English is ક્યારે(kyAre) in Gujarati. It changes to ક્યાર(kyAr) for using prepositions.
Only time related prepositions will be used with it.

From when -> ક્યાર થી (kyAra thI )
Till when -> ક્યાર સુધી (kyAra sudhI )

3) Prepositions with “Where”
“Where” in English is ક્યાં (kyAM ) in Gujarati. It remains same when using prepositions.
Only place related prepositions will be used with it.
From where -> ક્યાં થી (kyAM thI )
Till where -> ક્યાં સુધી (kyAM sudhI )

4) Prepositions with “What”
“What” in English is શું (shuM ) in Gujarati. Few prepositions can be used as follows :-
For what ? -> શા માટે ( shA mATe )
In what -> શેમાં (shemAM)
Of what -> શેની ( shenI )

5) For other WH-words it is not natural to use prepositions. Will add examples if I find good examples.

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Asking WH questions with prepositions in Gujarati