In the previous chapter, we started learning Marathi jodakshar i.e. combining consonants in Marathi. This chapter focuses on Combining consonants with र(r)

ह(h) is a consonant that is not generally added with other consonants. I mean, there are very few words in which ह(h) is the first consonant and so to be pronounced half.

We can denote half sound of ह(h) by a standard way of giving slanting line below ह(h) i.e. ह्‌

But there are few peculiar ways in which such combined sound is written traditionally
ह(h) + य (y) = ह्य (hy)
ह(h) + म (m) = ह्म(hm)
ह(h) + न (n) = ह्न(hn)

In computer font, I could not make it look as exact as written by hand. So check this image.

support -> साह्य ( sAhy )
external -> बाह्य (bAhy)
Brahman -> ब्राह्मण ( brAhmaN )A ritual  -> आह्निक (Ahnik )