The time when I am writing this post, is the time of most popular festivals in India.
Time of Diwali or Dipavali – The festival of lights !!!
So I thought of writing an interesting post to acquainting you words in Marathi related to Diwali.

Do read about Diwali festival from internet so that you can relate more with this post.




1) Festival in Marathi is called as उत्सव (utsav).

2) Religious festival is specifically called as सण ( saN ).

3) Name of this festival is दिवाळी (diwALI). It is also called by its original Sanskrit name as दीपावली (dIpAvalI).

4) People greet each other saying
दीपावलीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा ! (dIpAvalIchyA hardik shubhechChA !!)
दिवाळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा ! (diwALIchyA hardik shubhechChA !!)
Or even use English style, saying “Happy Diwali”

5) Lamp in Marathi is दिवा (divA) : To light a lamp is दिवा लावणे (divA lAvaNe)

6) In Diwali Many small earthen lamps are lighted. This earthen lamp is called पणती (paNatI)
It is lighted with oil i.e. तेल (tel) and small rod of cotton i.e. वात(vAt)

7) In windows or balconies beautiful lantern is lighted. Lantern is called कंदील (kaMdIl)

8) Topside of entrance door is decorated with garland of flowers and mango leaves. It is called तोरण (toraN)
Flower :– फूल ( phool )
Flowers :– फूले ( phoole )
Mango leaves :– आंब्याची पाने ( AMbyAchI pAne )

9) The front yard of the house is called अंगण (aMgaN)

10) Front yard is decorated with a drawing created from a special stone powder.
This powder and the drawing is called रांगोळी (rAMgoLI )
To draw रांगोळी (rAMgoLI ) is रांगोळी काढणे (rAMgoLI kADhaNe )

11) In the night people worship different god and goddesses, depending on particular day of Diwali. Worship is called पूजा (pUjA)
To worship is पूजा करणे (pUjA karaNe)
To offer food dishes to god is called नैवेद्य दाखवणे ( naivedya dAkhavaNe )
The part of this food is accepted as blessing of god. It is called प्रसाद (prasAd )

12) In the night children burst crackers. Crackers is called फटाके (phaTAke)
To burst crackers is: –
फटाके फोडणे ( phaTAke phoDaNe ) or
फटाके वाजवणे ( phaTAke vAjavaNe ) or
फटाके उडवणे (phaTAke uDavaNe)







13) Variety of sweets is prepared at home.Sweets in general are called मिठाई(miThAI)

14) Also hot-salty snacks are prepared. All these items together are called फराळ (pharAL)
To have these snacks and sweets is called as फराळ करणे (pharAL karaNe)

15) Marathi culture has very unique, literary angle to this celebration.
In Diwali, Marathi magazines issue special Diwali editions. This special edition is called दिवाळी अंक (divALI aMk)
Magazine is मासिक (mAsik)

16) In diwali, children build small replicas of fort to commemorate Great Maharashtrian King named– छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज (ChatrapatI shivAjI mahArAj).
King in Marathi is राजा (rAjA ) / महाराज ( mahArAj ).
Soldiers :- शिपाई ( shipAI )
Fort is किल्ला (killA )
To build fort is किल्ला बांधणे (killA bAMdhaNe)

My nephew’s & nieces making “killa”


********~~~~*********~~~~~~ HAPPY DIWALI ~~~~~~~**********~~~***************