In the previous two lessons viz.
Vowels, Consonants in Marathi and their pronunciation
Marathi Barakahadi : Symbols for vowels with consonants
you have seen Marathi(Devanagari) alphabets and their pronunciation.

But sometime you may face difficulty in differentiating the sounds of two or more consonants. Especially if your native language does not have these consonants then it needs extra efforts to sense and create these sounds.

Listening Marathi a lot is the best way to improve. Also one of my blog user – Vladimir from Russia- suggested that it is easy to learn when similar sounding words are spoken together -like a pair.
My other blog user – Priscilla from U.K, – gave me such a list for त,ट,ठ,थ,द,ढ

So in corresponding video I have given pronunciation of these pairs. I hope it helps.
Let me know if you find it useful and need more such pairs.

Listen carefully to understand difference between
ट and त, ठ and थ; ,द and ढ etc.

तट / दाट (riverbank / dense)
तरी / दरी (still; even / valley)
दाढ / दात (molar / tooth)
दल / ढाल (army / shield)
खडा / कडा (pebble / cliff)
पंधरा / पांढरा (fifteen / white )
ठार / थर (dead / layer)

Difference between ज and झ
मी जागा झालो ( I woke up)
जागा / झगा (place / gown)
जाड / झाड (fat / tree )

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