List of frequently used verbs

Instead of giving just a list of verbs I have given sentences below. Sentences are in the past tense because for a few verbs, past tense form is a bit different.
So by taking the verbs from here and applying rules of sentence formation you will be able to use them in different tenses.

Verbs are not given in alphabetical order instead I have tried to match order in our daily routine. This is as per my friend’s suggestion as this technique helped him when he learnt new language. By studying them in this sequence you can speak with your self every time you do some activity.

This is Part -1 of verbs, more verbs in further posts.

Verb in EnglishVerb in Marathi
& Transliteration
Past tense in EnglishVerb in past tense & Transliteration
To wake upजागे होणे jAge hoNeI woke upमी जागा झालो mI jAgA jhAlo
To get upउठणे uThaNeI got upमी उठलो mI uThalo
To washधूणे dhUNeWashed faceतोण्ड धुतले toND dhutale
To brushघासणे ghAsaNeBrushed teethदात घासले dAt ghAsale
To gargleचूळ भरणे chUL bharaNeGargledचूळ भरली chUL bharalI
To foldघडी करणे ghaDI karaNeFolded the bed sheets
घड्या केल्या chAdarIMchyA ghaDyA kelyA
To Drinkपीणे pINeDrank tea
चहा प्यायला chahA pyAyalA
To go to toiletसंडासला जाणे
saMDAsalA jANe
Went to toilet
संडासला गेलो saMDAsalA gelo
To go to toilet
(in slang. Do NOT use)
हगणे hagaNeWent to toiletमी हगलो mI hagalo
To urinateलघवीला जाणे laghavIlA jANe
Urinatedलघवीला गेलो laghavIlA gelo
To urinate
(in slang. Do NOT use)
मुतणे mutaNeUrinatedमी मुतलो mI mutalo
To exerciseव्यायाम करणे vyAyAm karaNeTook exercise
व्यायाम केला vyAyAm kelA
To bathआंघोळ करणे AMghoL karaNeBathedआंघोळ केली AMghoL kelI
To have breakfastनाश्ता करणे nAshtA karaNeHad breakfast
नाश्ता केला n AshtA kelA
To eatखाणे khANeAte poli-bhajiपोळी भाजी खाल्ली poLI bhAjI khAllI
To changeबदलणे badalaNeChanged clothesकपडे बदलले kapaDe badalale
To wearघालणे ghAlaNeWore shirtशर्ट घातला sharT ghAtalA
To wear
(personal accessory)
लावणे lAvaNeWore spectaclesचष्मा लावला chaShmA lAvalA
To combभांग पाडणे bhAMg pADaNeCombed hairभांग पाडला bhAMg pADalA
To applyलावणे lAvaNeApplied talcumपावडर लावली pAvaDar lAvalI
To closeबंद करणे baMd karaNeClosed doorदार बंद केले dAr baMd kele
To climb downउतरणे utaraNeClimbed down
जीना उतरलो jInA utaralo
To sitबसणे basaNeSat in carगाडीत बसलो gADIt basalo
To startसुरू करणे surU karaNe
Started carगाडी सुरू केली gADI surU kelI
To reachपोचणे pochaNeReached officeऑफिसला पोचलो ~ophisalA pochalo
To climb upचढणे chaDhaNeClimbed up staircase
जीना चढलो jInA chaDhalo
To workकाम करणे kAm karaNeWorkedकाम केले kAm kele
To speak /To say / To talkबोलणे bolaNeSpoke with friendमित्राबरोबर बोललो mitrAbarobar bolalo
To answerउत्तर देणे uttar deNeAnsweredउत्तर दिले uttar dile
To sendपाठवणे pAThavaNeSent emailईमेल पाठवला Imel pAThavalA

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