Many of the learners of my tutorials are learning Marathi for competitive exams like bank, post, civil services, etc. Recently Language Proficiency tests were conducted & many of the learners passed the exam well. I asked them to give more details so that others will get benefited from it.

Sbarna has shared her experience below.

Please find the details of my LPT :

We were given 3 topics to write a “Nibandh”(essay):(minimum 5 lines on any one topic)
1) Favourite festival
2) Favorite teacher
3) My family
I wrote 10 lines on my family.

Secondly, I was made to read a paragraph from a poem and asked to explain a line

Then the panel of 3 examiners conversed with me in Marathi. The questions were as follows:

Q)What is your name? ( Tujha naau kae ahe?)
A) Maza naav Sabarna ahe.
Q) tumhi kuthe rahates?
A) Mi Airoli madhe rahate.
Q) kiti varsha pasoon mumbaila rahate?
A)Mi sade teen varsha pasoon mumbaila rahate
Q)Mumbai kashe ala?
A) Lagnanantar mi mumbaila ala.
Q) Marathi shikhniyasathi tumhi kae prayatna kela?
A)Mi Marathi shikhniyasathi Marathi Roz Marathi serial bagitli(konti serial?)
Mi Marathi movies bagitli (konti movies)
Mi Marathi shikhniyasathi tuition lawla ani toh Marathi bolnyachi, lihiniyachi ani vachnyachi abhyas kela.
Mi roz Marathi online newspapers vachnyachi abhyas kela.
mi majya Marathi mitrabarobar Marathi bolnyachi abhyas kela.

I have given the above conversation by rectifying small grammar and pronunciation mistakes. Also, I have given English translation.

What is your name ?तुझं नाव काय आहे ? tujhM nAv kAy Ahe ?
My name is Sabarna.माझं नाव सबर्णा आहे.mAjhM naav sabarNA Ahe.
Where do you live ?तू कुठे राहतेस?
tU kuThe rAhates?
I live in Airoliमी ऐरोली मध्ये राहते.
mI airolI madhye rAhate.
From how many years are you living in Mumbai ?किती वर्षांपासून मुंबईला राहतेस?
kitI varShAMpAsUn muMbaIlA rAhates?
I am living in Mumbai from three and half years.मी साडे तीन वर्षांपासून मुंबईला राहते.
mI sADe teen varShAMpAsUn muMbaIlA rAhate.
Why did you come to Mumbai ?मुंबईला कशाला आलीस?
muMbaIlA kashAlA AlIs?
I came to Mumbai after marriage.लग्नानंतर मी मुंबईला आले.
lagnAnaMtar mI muMbaIlA Ale.
How did you try to learn Maratih ?मराठी शिकण्यासाठी तुम्ही काय प्रयत्न केला?
marAThI shikaNyAsAThI tumhI kAy prayatna kelA?
I watched Marathi serial everyday to learn Marathi.
I watched Marathi movies.
मी मराठी शिकण्यासाठी रोज मराठी सिरियल बघितली. मी मराठी मूव्ही बघितल्या
mI marAThI shikaNyAsAThI roj marAThI siriyal baghitalI. mI marAThI mUvhI baghitalyA
Which serial ? Which movies ?कोणती सिरियल? कोणती मूव्ही ?
koNatI siriyal? koNatI mUvhI ?
I joined a tution to learn Marathi & studied
Marathi speaking, writing and reading
मी मराठी शिकण्यासाठी ट्यूशन लावली आणि मराठी बोलण्याचा, लिहिण्याचा आणि वाचण्याचा अभ्यास केला.
mI marAThI shikaNyAsAThI TyUshan lAvalI ANi marAThI bolaNyAchA, lihiNyAchA ANi vAchaNyAchA abhyAs kelA.
I studied by reading online Marathi newspaper everydayमी रोज मराठी ऑनलाईन न्यूजपेपर वाचण्याचा अभ्यास केला.
mI roj marAThI ~onalAIn nyUjapepar vAchaNyAchA abhyAs kelA.
I studied by talking in Marathi everyday with my Marathi friend.मी माझ्या मराठी मित्राबरोबर मराठी बोलण्याचा अभ्यास केला.
mI mAjhyA marAThI mitrAbarobar marAThI bolaNyAchA abhyAs kelA.