पुस्तक :-Stay hungry stay foolish (स्टे हंग्री स्टे फूलिश)

भाषा :- इंग्रजी (English)

लेखक :- रश्मी बन्सल  (Rashmi Bansal)

This review is written by my friend Prashant Sharama

This book contains success stories of entrepreneurs who have passed out IIM. 

Every person an is inspiration in their areas of expertise and interest. 

This book helps to understand that how bigger milestones like a company can be create from small steps.

While reading we not only understood the successful business aspects but also learn about business failures and steps to revamp it.

The common views of all entrepreneurs are as follows 

1. Money is not the only deriving force for great work. 

2. Individual should listen to their heart more than the mind.

3. Always do what you love to do and enjoy your work  

4. Dream big and follow your dream.