Consider the sentence “I will finish it tomorrow”. Now if you want to emphasize the time you will say “I will finish it tomorrow itself”.
Consider another sentence “He told me that he got lottery”. Now to emphasize on who told you, you will say “He himself told me he got lottery”.
Sometimes Indian tend to create such sentences as “He only told me”, “You only asked me close door” etc.

In Gujarati we use જ(j) to emphasize on word. જ(j) is one-size-fits-all kind of suffix. You can add it કર્તા(kartA) i.e. doer of action, કર્મ (karm) noun, verb or any other word which you want to emphasize.

Examples :

I myself did it -> મેં જ એ કર્યું (meM j e karyuM)
I did this itself -> મેં એ જ કર્યું (meM e j karyuM)

I will come tomorrow itself -> હું કાલે જ આવીશ (huM kAle j AvIsh)
I will surely come -> હું આવીશ જ (huM AvIsh j )

He has seen India only -> એણે ભારત જ જોયું છે (eNe bhArata j joyuM Che)
Is this the result of my efforts ? -> આ જ મારા મેહનતનો પરિણામ ? (A j mArA mehanatano pariNAm )

He kept on talking -> એ વાતો કરતો જ રહ્યો (e vAto karato j rahyo )
He kept on staring that car ->એ ગાડી જોતો જ રહ્યો (e gADI joto j rahyo)
I want only sedan car -> મારે સિડાન કાર જ જોઇએ (mAre siDAn kAr j joie)
I must go there -> મારે ત્યાં જવું જ જોઇએ (mAre tyAM javuM j joie)
Why just/only me ? -> હું જ શા માટે ? (huM j shA mATe)

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