For English verb “To Understand” there are two verbs in Marathi. Viz. “समजणे” (samajaNe) and कळणे (kaLaNe).
Same verbs are also used for phrase “To come to know”.

In English we will say “I understand the importance”. It can also be said as “Importance is understood to me”. Marathi sentence formation is similar to second way.
So verb formation will be se per gender and multiplicity of object.

This is same as what we have discussed previously for verbs “माहीत असणे”( mAhIt asaNe ) in article for “To know”.

So we will directly take few examples

I understand its importance:- मला याचे महत्व समजते. (malA yAche mahatva samajate)
He understood the logic:- त्याला तत्व समजले (tyAlA tatva samajale)
She came to know the news:- तीला बातमी समजली/कळली (tIlA bAtamI samajalI / kaLalI)
They will understand/come to know your mistakes:- त्यांना तुझ्या चुका समजतील/कळतील (tyAMnA tujhyA chukA samajatIl / kaLatIl)
Did you understand? :- तुला कळले/समजले का? (tulA kaLale/ samajale kA?)
She does not understand:- तीला कळत/समजत नाही (tIlA kaLat/ samajat nAhI)
He will not come to know this :- त्याला हे समजणार/कळणार नाही (tyAlA he samajaNAr/kaLaNAr nAhI)

Listen examples in this lesson


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