In upcoming lessons related to tenses and phrases in Marathi, you will find that I have asked you to practice using a website. and check “Learning tools menu”.

You can watch video about how to use this website

After learning a concept and grammar rules, you should try applying those rules on different verbs and nouns I have developed this website so that you can verify if the sentence that you create right !

Lets see how to navigate and use this website to create:

Sentence with one pronoun & one tense
Sentence with all pronouns & one tense
Sentence with one pronoun & all tenses
Sentence with one pronoun & one phrase
Sentence with all pronouns & one phrase

Click on “To get verb forms click here”
It will open page in new tab which has multiple drop-down boxes

Sentence with one pronoun & one tense

Let’s say you are learning present continuous tense. You learned the suffix for second person singular i.e. तू (tU) in Marathi. Now you will try this rule on different verbs, create form yourself and check if your answer is correct.
e.g. you make form of verb बोल(bol).
Then you will select that verb in drop down by simply typing “bol”

Then you will select pronoun. Masculine pronoun is indicated by “(M)” and feminine by “(F)”. So if you want make sentence for boy then select “तू (M)”. For girl select “तू (F)”.

Then select tense as “present continuous tense”.

Click on “Get verb forms” button. It will give you sentence.

Get sentences for all the pronouns

If you want to try and compare forms for all the pronouns then in dropdown select “ALL” and then click on “Get verb forms” button.
It will give you sentences in all the tenses.

Get sentences for all the tenses

After you have learned about all the tenses you may want to revisit all the rules by creating sentences by one pronoun for all the tenses. You can do so by selecting “ALL” as tense.
You will get results as follows

Sentences with कर्म (karma) i.e. object

In past tense and perfect tense lesson, you will learn that past tense verb form sometimes depend on the gender and multiplicity of noun.
In my website I have taken following objects as example
आंबा (AMbA) – Masculine singular
चिंच(chiMch) – Feminine singular
पान(pAn) – Neuter singular
आंबे(AMbe) – Masculine plural
चिंचा(chiMchA) – Feminine plural
पाने (pAne) – Neuter plural
And my name कौशिक (kaushik) as a person.

e.g. if you select verb खाणे(khANe) and tense as “simple past tense” you will get results as follows.

Sentences with different phrases

Like verbs, you can create sentence for phrases by selecting one or “ALL” in drop down for “Select phrases”. While selecting phrase, make sure you have selected “Not applicable” in tense dropdown.
Results as follows:

Sentences for ALL pronouns with given phrase

You can select one phrase and “ALL” as pronoun so that you can create, compare & study verb forms for all the pronouns in one go.

I hope this website helps you to practice the concepts lean in self-servie and quick way. Do not hesitate to give feedback & suggestions to make it more intuitive and helpful.

All the best for learning !!