To indicate the continuity of action we use “To keep doing” form of the sentence.
e.g I keep trying even if I fail.
He kept speaking until all slept.
Do not stop, keep doing

In Gujarati sentence formation is :

Doer of action verb+ suffix form of “રહેવું” (rahevuM) as per subject and tense
હું (huM) બોલતો (bolato )રહ્યો (rahyo )

Suffixes depend on gender. Refer table of lesson
Negative Sentence in Simple Present tense in Gujarati
As we had observed before when રહેવું(rahevuM) is used in sentences its stem changes from રહે(rahe) to રહ(rah)

Below example will clarify concept :

I keep speaking :- હું બોલતો રહું છું (huM bolato rahuM ChuM)
I kept speaking :- હું બોલતો રહ્યો (huM bolato rahyo)
I will keep speaking :- હું બોલતો રહીશ (huM bolato rahIsh)

You(girl) keep doing :- તું કરતી રહે છે (tuM karatI rahe Che )
You(girl) kept doing :- તું કરતી રહી (tuM karatI rahI)
You(girl) will keep doing :- તું કરતી રહીશ (tuM karatI rahIsh)

Keep doing !! (Imperative statement) :- કરતો રેહ (karato reh)
Keep speaking !! (Imperative statement) :- બોલતો રેહ (bolato reh)

(In imperative sentences instead of રહે(rahe) we use રેહ (reh) as it is simpler to pronounce in flow dialogue )

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