Friends, let us move a step ahead towards sentence formation today. We will talk about verbs.
In English some verbs are:- to go; to come; to speak; to sit; to eat etc.
In Gujarati some verbs are આવવું (AvavuM),જવું (javuM), બોલવું (bolavuM),
બેસવું (besavuM ), ખાવું (khAvuM )etc.

While using the verb in English sentence we strip “to” out of it.
“To come” is used in a sentence as “I come”.
Same way in Gujarati ending વું (vuM) is stripped in sentence.

Like in English, Just saying the verb is asking someone to do that action.
When you say “Come !” you are asking someone to come. Same way in Gujarati saying “આવ(Av)” is asking someone to come.
So by knowing the verbs, you can easily request someone.

We will see such sentences in detail. Take this list of few frequently used verbs in Gujarati

Verb in EnglishVerb in Gujarati
To Comeઆવવું (AvavuM)
To Goજવું (javuM)
To Speakબોલવું (bolavuM)
To Sitબેસવું (besavuM)
To Eatખાવું (khAvuM)
To Singગાવું (gAvuM)
To Listenસાંભળવું (sAMbhaLavuM)
To Beatમારવું (mAravuM)
To Drinkપીવું (pIvuM)
To Smileહસવું (hasavuM)
To Writeલખવું (lakhavuM)
To Doકરવું (karavuM)
To Get upઊઠવું (UThavuM)
To Sleepઊંઘવું (UMghavuM)
To Runદોડવું (doDavuM)
To Stopઅટકાવવું (aTakAvavuM)
To Openખોલવું (kholavuM)
To Closeબંધ કરવું (baMdh karavuM)
To See
જોવું (jovuM)

Listen examples in this lesson