I am pursuing Masters of Public Health from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. I really needed to learn Marathi at least for conversing it for my rural postings in Maharashtra tribal areas. At those tribal areas, people speak only Marathi. My college is so busy that I do not get time to attend classes of Marathi.
Then I found in google Kaushik Lele blog to teach Marathi online free of cost. I joined and now I am at least able to get a tone of it. Though I have not become perfect in Marathi at least I can understand what people speak. I will still follow the blog to learn and further improve my Marathi as Learning never Ends.

I would recommend if anyone wants to learn Marathi free of cost, either out of curiosity of learning a new language or due to demand for your job. This blog is worth. The main thing the recording in which you hear their pronunciation is the best part. They make you feel that there is someone real who is teaching you.
You can learn at your pace whenever you get time. But you need to practice it with others to make a feel of learning.
Thanks a lot, Kaushik for this initiative to teach Marathi online to all,