A few months ago, I came across Mr. Lele’s blog. When in Maharashtra, you hear Marathi being spoken all around you. My mother tongue being Konkani, Marathi is not that different, especially not when the two are written in Devanagari. Spoken Marathi, however, can be somewhat different. Understanding it and speaking it are two different things. Mr. Lele’s blog has been quite helpful to me in understanding how Marathi is spoken. The blog is written in simple language, easy enough to understand; it is designed for those wishing to learn spoken Marathi, including the beginnings of slang. Mr. Lele’s blog is an excellent starting point for such a purpose. I would readily recommend this site to both foreigners as well as Indians seeking to learn Marathi as ‘she’ is spoken. In the end, there’s no substitute for practice and experience, but understanding a little will certainly save you from making too many embarrassing mistakes.