I am a Ph.D. candidate in Social Anthropology and I am conducting my research fieldwork in Maharashtra. This is the primary reason why I am learning Marathi. Since I need to learn it fast, I started classes at a language institute (but the course turned out to be very unstructured and the teacher could not explain most of the things. As I found out, being a native speaker does not necessarily mean one can teach the language well. Now I regret spending money on that). In the meantime, my brother recommended ‘learn Marathi through English’ blog. So, now I mainly follow that for learning Marathi.

Thanks a lot for taking the initiative to provide such a well-structured platform for people like us. I finally have hope that I too can learn quickly, with the added benefit of understanding the subtle nuances and details of the language. Kaushik has the ability to present concepts in a lucid and straightforward way, and this drives his readers to visit his blog regularly. If you’re a first time visitor, my advice is to keep reading, this blog is worth it.