Like in any other language Marathi also has many ways to abuse or curse or using swear words. In Hindi, it is called गाली(gAlI). Its plural is गालियां (gAliyAM)
In Marathi such word is called शिवी(shivI). Its plural is शिव्या (shivyA).
To curse/ To abuse is called as शिवी/शिव्या देणे (shivI/shivyA deNe) or शिविगाळ करणे (shivigAL karaNe)

The intention of this lesson is not to teach you Marathi शिव्या (shivyA) but to introduce you to them so that you can be aware not to use them and get alert if someone uses it. A native Indian will already know this because most of these words are common in Marathi, Hindi and other north Indian dialects.
So this lesson is intended more for non-Indians.

Generally, swear-words are related to private organs and unethical sexual relations.

So slang words or taboo words about these as follows:

Penis :- लंड (laMD), लौडा (lauDA), लवडा (lavaDA), बुल्ला ( bullA ) ,आंड(AMD)
Testicle :- गोटी ( goTI ). Its plural is गोट्या(goTyA)
Female sex organ :- पुच्ची (puchchI) , भोसडा ( bhosaDA ), चूत (chUt), फोदरी ( phodarI ), फोदी ( phodI ) , भोक ( bhok )
Anus :- गांड ( gAMD ) , बोचा(bochA)
Pubic hair:- झाट ( jhAT ).
( Do note, this word is different from word झाड(jhAD) which means tree )
To Fuck :- झवणे (jhavaNe) , चोदणे ( chodaNe ) ,घालणे ( ghAlaNe ) टाकणे (TAkaNe)
(Do note:- The literal meaning of verbs घालणे ( ghAlaNe ) टाकणे (TAkaNe) is “To Put”. चढणे(chaDhaNe) means “To climb up”. These are not taboo verbs. They are very commonly used verbs. But while cursing these are used with double-meaning)
To Excrete:- हगणे ( hagaNe )
To urinate:- मुतणे ( mutaNe )
To get an erection in the penis:- उठणे ( uThaNe )
(Note:- Literal meaning of उठणे ( uThaNe ) is “To get up”. This not taboo verb. But while cursing this used with double-meaning )
Prostitute :- रांड ( rAMD ), वेश्या ( veshyA ) , छिनाल (ChinAl )
Pimp:- भडवा ( bhaDavA ) भडव्या (bhaDavyA )
Asshole:- गांडू ( gAMDU ), लवडू(lavaDU), झाटू (jhATU)
Fool:- चुतिया (chutiyA), चुतिये (chutiye), चुत्त्या (chuttyA)
Motherfucker!!:- मादरचोद (mAdarachod), आईझवाड्या (AIjhavADyA), आयझवाड्या (AyajhavADyA ) , आईघाल्या, (AIghAlyA) , आयघाल्या(AyaghAlyA)
SisterFucker!!:- भेन्चोद(bhenchod)
Fucker !!:- भिकारचोट(bhikArachoT), चुतमारिच्या(chutamArichyA), झवाड्या(jhavADyA)
Son of a bitch !!:- रांडेच्या (rAMDechyA), फोकनीच्या (phokanIchyA),फोदरीच्या (phodarIchyA)
Your mother’s ass:- तुझ्या आईची गांड (tujhyA AIchI gAMD)
Fuck your mother:- तुझी आई झवली tujhI AI jhavalI ), आई घातली ( AI ghAtalI )
Suck my dick!!:- तोंडात घे (toMDAt ghe ), चोख माझा लवडा ( chokh mAjhA lavaDA)
Is your dick hard!!:- उठला का तुझा ( uThalA kA tujhA )
To fuck one’s ass:- गांड मारणे ( gAMD mAraNe )

These are most commonly used swear-word. There are many more special to particular dialect of Marathi. There are words based on social background of person of imagination and creativity of speaker 🙂

Listen examples in this lesson