In English, there are three degrees of comparison viz. positive, comparative and superlative.
Generally, we prefix “more” and “most” to an adjective for the comparative and superlative degrees.
Sometimes there are different words to indicate each degree e.g. good-better-best, Bad-worse-worst, tall- taller-tallest, etc.

In Marathi, we do not have this second way of comparison. i.e. adjectives do not change as per degree. Only words indicating degree are prefixed.


Bitter: कडू (kaDU )
More bitter: जास्त/अधिक कडू (jAst/adhik kaDU)
Most bitter: “सर्वात” / “सर्वात जास्त” / “सर्वाधिक” कडू (sarvAt /sarvAt jAst/ sarvAdhik kaDU)

tall: उंच (uMch )
taller: जास्त / अधिक उंच (jAst/adhik uMch)
tallest: “सर्वात” / “सर्वात जास्त” / “सर्वाधिक” उंच (sarvAt jAst/ sarvAdhik uMch)

Good: चांगला (chAMgalA)
better: जास्त / अधिक चांगला (jAst/adhik chAMgalA)
best: “सर्वात” / “सर्वात जास्त” / “सर्वाधिक चांगला (sarvAt / sarvAt jAst/ sarvAdhik chAMgalA)

Sentence formation is in second/comparitive degree is

Noun of comparison
सामान्य रूप (sAmAnya rUp) +
जास्त / अधिकadjectiveforms of असणे(“asaNe”) as per
subject and tense
तोमाझ्यापेक्षाजास्त / अधिकउंचआहे

Sometimes while speaking “जास्त / अधिक” can be omitted

Let us take a full example sentence
He is taller than me: तो माझ्यापेक्षा जास्त / अधिक उंच आहे (to mAjhyApekShA jAst/adhik uMch Ahe)
I am shorter than you: मी तुझ्यापेक्षा बुटका आहे ( mI tujhyApekShA buTakA Ahe )
They(plural of she) were happier than now: त्या आत्तापेक्षा जास्त / अधिक सुखी होत्या (tyA AttApekShA jAst/adhik sukhI hotyA)

Sentence formation in superlative degree

Form of noun/pronoun like
“to me”, “to him”
objectमाहीत (mAhIt )form of “असणे” (asaNe) as per object.
If object is not present then Neuter-singular form
मला(malA)नाव(nAv)माहीत (mAhIt )आहे (Ahe)

He is best: तो सर्वात चांगला आहे (to sarvAt chAMgalA Ahe).
Everest is the tallest peak: एव्हरेस्ट सर्वाधिक उंच शिखर आहे (evharesT sarvAdhik uMch shikhar Ahe)
She was the youngest player: ती सर्वात लहान खेळाडू होती (tI sarvAt lahAn kheLADU hotI)
Your voice is loudest of all: तुझा आवाज सर्वात जास्त मोठा आहे (tujhA AvAj sarvAt jAst moThA Ahe )

Listen examples online

Listen examples online