To indicate the continuity of action we use “To keep doing” form of the sentence.
I keep trying even if I fail.
He kept speaking until all slept.
Do not stop, keep doing

In Marathi sentence formation is:

Doer of action verb+ त (t) form of “राहणे” (rAhaNe) as per subject and tense

Like few exceptions the verb “राह” changes to “राहि” before creating its simple past tense.

Below example will clarify concept

I keep speaking: मी बोलत राहतो (mI bolat rAhato )
I kept speaking: मी बोलत राहिलो (mI bolat rAhilo)
I will keep speaking: मी बोलत राहीन (mI bolat rAhIn)
You keep speaking: तू बोलत राहतोस (tU bolat rAhatos )
You kept speaking: तू बोलत राहिलास (tU bolat rAhilAs )
You will keep speaking: तू बोलत राहशील (tU bolat rAhashIl )
Keep speaking !! (Imperative statement): बोलत राहा (bolat rAhA)

Listen examples in this lesson

Listen examples in this lesson


Try creating sentences with different verbs using the above rules. Crosscheck them by creating the same by “verb forms” feature on