Frequently used miscellaneous words are given in the below sentences. Such words are written in bold below.
Some words are not listed separately because their use is easily understood through an example.

What does this mean:- याचा अर्थ काय ( yAchA arth kAy )
“Cryptography” means? – “Cryptography” म्हणजे काय ( “Cryptography” mhaNaje kAy)
I came because you called – तू बोलावलेस म्हणून मी आलो ( tU bolAvales mhaNUn mI Alo )
Someone called “Kaushik” has come – कौशिक म्हणून कोणीतरी आले ( kaushik mhaNUn koNItarI aale )
Someone named “Kaushik” has come – कौशिक नावाचे कोणीतरी आले ( kaushik nAvAche koNItarI aale )
Why do you want it for? – तुला हे कशासाठी हवे आहे (tulA he kashAsAThI have Ahe)
What is its reason – त्याचे कारण काय ( tyAche kAraN kAy)

To emphasize particular thing च(ch) is appended to it. e.g.
You only complete this. – तू हे पूर्ण कर ( tUch he pUrNa kar He only told me. )
It is you who told – तू मला हे सांगितलेस ( tUch malA he sAMgitales )
I want it tomorrow itself – मला हे उद्या हवे आहे ( malA he udyAch have Ahe )

Someone – कोणीतरी ( koNItarI )
Somewhere – कुठेतरी ( kuThetarI )
Somehow – कसेतरी ( kasetarI )
Somewhen – कधीतरी ( kadhItarI )
Anyone – कोणीही ( koNIhI )

Anywhere – कुठेही ( kuThehI )
Anyhow – कसेही ( kasehI )
Any time – कधीही ( kadhIhI )

More :- अजून / आणखी ( ajUn / ANakhI )
I want still more butter:- मला अजून/आणखी लोणी हवे आहे (malA ajUn/ANakhI loNI have Ahe )

And:- आणि
He and I:- तो आणि मी (to ANi mI)
butter and bread:- लोणी आणि पाव (loNI ANi pAv)

Also:- सुद्धा (suddhA) / पण (paN)
I will also come :- मी सुद्धा / पण येईन (mI suddhA / paN yeIn)
Call him also:- त्याला सुद्धा/पण बोलव (tyAlA suddhA/paN bolav)

But :- पण / परंतु (paN/paraMtu)
(In day to day life पण is used. In formal communication परंतु is used )

I worked hard but nobody appreciated – मी खूप मेहनत केली पण/परंतु कोणीही माझे कौतुक केले नाही (mI khUp mehanat kelI paN/paraMtu koNIhI mAjhe kautuk kele nAhI)
I told you but you did not listen – मी तुला सांगितले पण/परंतु तू माझे ऐकले नाहीस (mI tulA sAMgitale paN/paraMtu tU mAjhe aikale nAhIs)

To be bored:- कंटाळा येणे ( kaMTALA yeNe )
I am bored:- मला कंटाळा आला आहे (malA kaMTALA AlA Ahe)
He was bored:- त्याला कंटाळा आला होता (tyAlA kaMTALA AlA hotA )

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